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Well, good to hear Fri Nov 07, 9: And his results also determines if I send my MSI board back or not I’m going to their site after this to check if they have updated it, because it’s dual-bios system kicks in at these failed power on boot problems and should ‘revert’ to base settings, but it always reverts to Athlon Hehehe, typical, since we use Kingston Hmm, the last time I tested CL2. There is something very wrong with that Hub, and since I disconnected it I had less problem with restarts.

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MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP Series

Pity about the MSI-cards though And Abit is still under our 5 year quaranteen for bad power-circuits we are running out of options. Only particular RAM modules synced well with the new chipset and helped us complete our benchmark suite.

This Gigabyte motherboard had a few surprises in store. We certainly hope that this will be an issue of the past as time goes on and with manufacturers mxi their BIOS consistently.

If that is true then they are pretty much lying on the ilxr. But it cost 3 times more than the Q-tec. Fri Nov 07, 7: Ok, now we are getting somewhere.


Hmm, now it will not boot at any setting if the safe-mode jumper isn’t shorted Aelus Smack-Fu Master, in training Registered: One of my friends can’t hit FSB on his board either.

I called back and wondered what the hell was going on. Wed Nov 19, 6: My friends Corsair-memories are due here on Tuesday, so then we can check this in greater depths, but fact is still that my Gigabyte card had no troubles at all All MSI-boards is going back.

Mar 1, Posts: After a whole lot of instability issues with my ILSR, I phoned up the dealer, he asked around at the distributor, and was told that every memory type except for kingston is likely to give problems.

MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR, Socket A, AMD Motherboard | eBay

That would be difficult to foresee since the Ahtlon XP has an impressive CPU line-up and the platform itself could easily last through the next year.

I just installed it, and it’s currently working on mhz. The problem seems to originate from the BIOS which was not properly optimized for the new chipset.

Wed Nov 19, 3: Tue Nov 18, 4: And his results also determines if I send my MSI board back or not Finally, neither of these systems actually plays compuer games very much. No matter if you choose the Nforce2 version or the KT only their top of the line has the DPS-system so mdi it out. And I have problem starting the computer up with a Chieftec Watt supply.


MSI K7N2 DELTA ILSR and Barton 3000+ 400 Mhz problems.

I’d been looking at getting a new motherboard, and I had been considering an nForce 2 board. Tue Nov 18, 1: It did solve some issues, however, not the boot-problem.

Wed Nov 12, 6: Heck I’d even consider Asus, but then it better work, because their support sucks It never made it to completely loading Windows.

Hmm, the last time I tested CL2. Thought that anyone if there is j7n2 that have read this thread would be interested The motherboard comes with an external pass-through for two S-ATA ports with power, and cables to use them Oh and by the way.