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Wherever you get it, make sure it’s fairly flexible; I’ve had an occasional issue with one that’s encased in a stiffer jacket, where it really liked pushing itself to one side or the other, or even a little bit out of the socket. View More Photo Galleries. This seems pretty short to me. Not all but many I am sure The only special consideration is cable length. Honolulu, HI – a Brit abroad Registered: Smeghead Ars Praefectus Tribus:

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The protocol is not. Not all but many I am sure Honolulu, HI – a Brit abroad Registered: I think that’s what they used to charge, eh?

– AudioWire Cable Length

audiowie Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Firewire cable works yes. Im still wondering if anyone happens to have a piece of MOTU audiowire gear and a firewire hub they wouldn’t mind testing out I don’t know if it translates to our gear, but it seems to hold true in cars! MOTU’s cable is a cable.


Audiowire Cables

The cable is the same construction as a firewire cable. Feb 13, Posts: I have done more listening than most people.

They go up to 10m. Forums Posts Latest Posts. It doesnt work the same as firewire I dont believe, but a regular firewire cable is what is used. Yes, the cable will work fine. If you have both, can you possibly test it out and tell me if it works Audioqire not, what about using some higher quality shielded cable to squeeze another feet out of the spec?

Twenty feet might be acceptable. I need to go past 15ft Sat Dec 29, 9: You’re just saying that the proprietary part is the PCIe card format? MOTU tweaked the protocols a little bit to fix the problem and dubbed their stuff “Audiowire”. The leading moth of wrong answers is asking the wrong questions. Unibrain firewire cables do not only achieve a very controlled Ohm impedance but also provide high performance for skew, attenuation and crosstalk.

There’s a time budget in xudiowire spec that can’t be exceeded for the system to work, and part of that budget is the delay involved with the cable. Does firewire depend on twists in the wire or other oddities ala mbit mtou, or is it just 6 wires straight through, nothing special?


Anyone here own a Hyundai? Dec 25, Posts: Board index All times are UTC. Or have I been lead astray to know differently.

Smeghead Ars Praefectus Tribus: Essentials Only Full Version.

Either way though, I’d have your friend still contact the place he bought it from and tell them he wants an audiowire cable just the same. Therefore we can now secure safe operation of our Firewire cable lengths up to 10 meters! Mahlon Thanks for the answers, guys. Mar 18, Posts: