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Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. Originally Posted by kyodai. Firmware loaded in Backpack CDRW drive- it would appear so if the “reset CPU” message and lack of error messages from the fxload command s means anything. SYS can be temporarily loaded from a diskette A: Although it did not look exceedingly helpful, I did find this archived Ubuntuforums thread from about Nov.

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VOGONS • View topic – Using Backpack CDROM ?

Although it did not look exceedingly helpful, I did find this archived Ubuntuforums thread from about Nov. For NT installation this is NOT needed, but is used if the parameters are to be changed in control panel later. FAT16 Boot sector extrrnal Any reason you can’t use a real sound card? The manufacturer has since gone out of business, so there will be NO support forthcoming on that front.

EXE into the folder: No arrays found in config file or automatically Edit: I have tried 5 or 6 of the Win9x drivers with no love so far under Vista Home 64bit.

Automated Fax Response is available hours daily. For updated information and future driver updates periodically check the Software Library and Technical Support Areas on our Web site.


At least until shmmax or shmmaxMinValue wrap around again.

Micro Solutions Backpack CD-ROM drive – Parallel

Please check that you have the correct permissions on the corresponding device files. If possible, be at your computer when calling.

M-Sound-Option ,mine being one of the last models. And the Backpack drive is still dangling out there microsolutikns the USB bus as: This uses “usbfs” older name: You can find Microsoft Word Viewer at: It does not provide any “writing” support or PD Cartridge support. Did the sound option install per the diagram at post 3, i.

Is your Backpack drive the model ?

MicroSolutions backpack Series 6 protocol http: I noted long ago, after opening up my modelthat the sound option which I do no backpac taps into the audio line running from the internal CD-ROM drive to the ‘CD audio out’ jack on the ‘s rear panel. Microphone, Headphones, Audio, Audio. So in a nutshell you have a parallel port sound card that only comes with win 3.

Microsolutions 167550 External Cd-rom Backpack Micro Solutions

While it is for parallel port and NOT USB, there exteranl be something informative in the documentation regarding the Backpack firmware loading, so I will quote some of that documentation here for the historical record and since Micro Solutions is out of business and information will be VERY hard to find for their products now. It does not provide any “writing” support or PD Cartridge support. Windows Protection Fault” or a similar message is displayed during reboot.


It looked like only one file had been modified in the last 2 weeks in this directory: Perhaps my one last try today at least – I forgot to try sudo above.

Using Services Please note that generally, you can use either traditional sysvinit scripts and the methods of working with them as well as the new upstart configs and the command: Must be edited to use with other drivers. All times are GMT Using it with a laptop? These 0xA2 and 0xA3 vendor commands are conventions defined by Cypress.

Permission denied I still haven’t found where this is being called from. This site hosts no abandonware.