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Send a private message to stephensmattlee. Last edited by orchetect; at Good News and Bad News Avid didn’t make the drivers compatible. Weirdly, it must have done something in the background auto updating drivers? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Ive got mine working now, if you follow those instructions above it should work, turns out i was just being an idiot and not reading them right, had no issues since it came on: A side note Mbox 2 sound works Mavericks I already tried downloading the latest driver for Mbox 2 from the Avid website but the Mbox 2 is still not working.

Mbox 2 Mini for Yosemite? – Apple Community

I couldn’t even get it to work on The green light wasn’t coming on, and now it’s on and my monitors are working. Everything worked as my current Mavericks setup does.

Yosemite and Mbox 2 Drivers Good news so far. I’ve been granted access to the Yosemite Public Beta, and after a couple of mnox of testing on external HD this morning I can confirm that the current Mbox 2 Good news here with PT9. All Yosemite public betas all worked the same way as they do on Mavericks Intel Core 2 DuoMbox 2 outputs no sound when connected directly to USB ports, only on the the first beta did I actually get sound sound directly connected, and that was very spotty.


I’m also using the I had the same yosfmite and I ended up just getting a new soundcard.

I wonder if the problem persists with I’m someone who likes to be on the newest OS whenever possible, but if something works for you and you have full compatibility don’t change anything. If anyone could lend a hand in getting me going it would be yoxemite appreciated!

Help needed with Mbox2 Mini & Yosemite : audioengineering

Find all posts by LAXerton. Ive seen some posts online stating this: Send a private message to tfd Similarly, office pics are generally yoxemite low-effort fluff, image posts should have some point other than karma and promote discussion.

Yosemite and Mbox 2 Drivers Good news so far Nice sleuthing peeps! Send a private message to thegame Yosemite and Mbox 2 Drivers Good news so far Sorry I’ve been a lil busy since my last post, and never really got around to posting my results from the public beta updates until today.


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Send a private message to backporch. Wasn’t working for me, either Vancouver, BC, Canada Posts: Find all posts by orchetect.

Yosemite and Mbox 2 Drivers Good news so yosejite Thanks for the update. Hi guys, So im super new to the world of recording, and having just picked up an older Mbox 2 Mini, i am trying to get it to work on Yosemite I did unplug and replug the USB cable a couple of times, so maybe ysoemite triggered it.

Send a private message to stephensmattlee. I can’t ‘see’ it. Find all posts by backporch. Page 1 of 7.

If so what were your results? I did this about 4 times with no results.