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The Output tab appears among the driver tabs only if an accessory output bin or optional finisher is installed on the device. In the Automatic Configuration drop-down menu, select Update Now. Installable Options Automatic Configuration Use the Device Settings tab to tell the driver about the hardware configuration of the device. For example, if the device is installed and an optional accessory is added later, use the Update Now feature to query the device and update the settings to match the new device configuration. Contains the printer-driver installer for Macintosh operating systems and user documentation. Selecting an advanced printing feature in the print driver that has been disabled on the Advanced tab automatically makes the feature available.

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Type the name and path of the font metric file in the Printer Font File Location text box, or click Browse to locate the file on the computer. Use the Printing Shortcuts tab to print jobs edbeline specific printer-driver settings. The witb is limited to Internet Explorer browsers. The drop-down menu shows alphabetically sorted watermarks that are currently available on the system plus the string ” none “, which indicates that no watermark is selected.

HP CM/CM Color MFP with Edgeline Technology – Device features | HP® Customer Support

Both color-quality settings print jobs with the same black saturation level. When an error occurs in the print job, an error page is sent to the device. For photographs or pictures where yp colors blend together, select Pictures to maximize the contrast. Select this setting if you do not want an error page to be printed when an error occurs.


HP CM8060/CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology – MS Windows printing-system software

Do-it-all budget printer is a perfect fit for tight spaces Do-it-all budget printer is a perfect fit for tight spaces by Justin Pccl. When selected, this option stores the print job in memory and prints only the first copy of the job, allowing you to check the first copy. The following Printing Preferences print-driver tabs are available:.

Color Options Use the Color Options group box to adjust the independent withh controls. Select 4-Color to use all four CMYK ink colors black, cyan, magenta, and yellow to reproduce the grayscale tones.

Move the cursor over the document preview image to change the cursor from an arrow to a gloved hand. The font file names appear in the Font s to be Added window. Power Adapter Power Consumption Operational.

When Stored Edheline is selected, the job will be stored in the device as if it is an electronic file cabinet.

To delete a watermark, select the watermark in the Current Watermarks list and click Delete. Nearly all software programs establish the orientation for the printed page, so the page orientation in the driver is useful only for the few software programs that do not set an orientation.

Europe, Middle East, Africa. Select one of the following settings in the PostScript Language Level drop-down menu:. The Printing shortcuts box appears, as shown in the following figure. The settings affect the print job color rendering and print quality. Flat images can result from low lighting, environmental haze, or witu or scanner limitations.


In the Retrieve tab, touch the appropriate folder on the left of the screen.

Type a name for the custom printing shortcut, and then click OK. The software determines the best compression method to use. Use the Color tab to print the job in color or black and white. For example, setting 10 copies in the program and then setting 10 copies in the driver results in copies 10 x 10 being printed. Operating systems that are not described in this STR provide varying levels of functionality. If bidirectional communication is not enabled, then the driver looks for custom paper types that have been saved from a previous bidirectional communication query, and uses those.

HP Color CM MFP with Edgeline Technology – multifunction printer (color) Overview – CNET

Generally, the feature is unavailable in the driver UI after it has been locked. A warning appears asking whether you are sure you want to wdgeline the selected item. Headphones by David Carnoy Dec 17, These messages appear in response to selections that are illogical or impossible given the device capabilities or the current settings of other controls.

The check box is available only for troubleshooting purposes.

Move the mouse cursor over the dimensions label to change the cursor from an arrow to a gloved hand.