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Remember you need to take this reading while the tip end is all the way down inside the clubhead and in the address position. This thread is days old. Take the 48″ ruler and measure how long each of the clubs are, in the address position, before you do anything else. When you insert the shaft, put a small piece of fishing line between the hosel and shaft. Results 1 to 12 of Ualtim has helped you a load.

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In six hours they’re good to go. How much does everyone spend per grip? Mind where the NBP and S hoq are if you spine-aligned. Also, if you use 24 hour epoxy but cure it in a “hot box” it will set much faster.

AugsterApr 18, That includes fitting, btw! When the epxoy starts to bubble out, stop and wipe down the hosel. I do prefer Conap Epoxy over virtually anything else when given a choice.

Slingblade61Apr 16, If you are skeptical, try it on an reshagt club, graphite or steel, wood or iron.

How long do you need to let shafts sit after a reshaft?

Only problem is I want to see it in person and hit it first, nobody around here has snake eyes fitting. Some little things that expand on reshafting.


If you can’t get the grip on extremely easy, you need more solvent. Take the grip in your hand vertically, and put your index finger over the small hole at the bottom.

How hard is it to reshaft clubs? |

More is better than less. Set the club down, in the address position if you will, and make any corrections necessary to get the Spine and NBP in the correct positions. Depending on how fancy you get some people build a box that holds the clubs and contains some kind of heating element like a light bulb or space heater. My ball flight was left to right and 20yrds offline. I was thinking a ping i20 but if I can get away with just reshafting I will.

How long should you really wait for epoxy to cure

It is not too terribly difficult. Search tags for this page. I assume its much more than the regular stuff.

Take the shaft out of the vice, put it into the address position, and make sure the grip is good enough for you alignment-wise.

Take you hand and run it up and down the tape to make sure it’s slippery everywhere. My distance improved 20yrds with the R according to the LM and my dispersion was tighter. There are 50 kinds of steel regular flex shafts so I dont even know where to begin getting an affordable fitting so I can order shafts. We’d love to have you! For one shaft, make about a nickel-sized “pile” of epoxy. Mar 9, Messages: By zhangtony in forum Instruction. Some recommend items include some leather gloves or some sort of device to help twist the clubhead off of the shaft that will protect your hand from the heat.


Remove your finger over the big hole to make it come out faster. Why you reckon you don;t need a vice to re-grip clubs, ualtim? If using normal, put it on tomorrow. I’d say carry so probably around ish including roll out.

Hitting the Driver By northern33 in forum Instruction. If you guys were in my shoes what would you do??