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But I also want more control, when trying to get my balls to setdown on the greens. Duffed my first two chips and thought “another waste of money” then the clubs came into their own. Thanks for any input! Overall the G15 offers simplicity, power and style from one of the truly great brands. Do you know how the sole on these compares to the Maltby Glider clubs?

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Ping G15 Iron Set Reviews

Solution change to a light graphite shaft appeared to be the answer. Good strikes with the G15 irons are rewarded with a soaring ball flight and ample distance, off center strikes are also rewarded with a minimal drop off reveiw distance, in fact I’ve looked at my club several times expecting a mark in the center of the face, only to find it towards the toe or heel!

When he arrived back at the GC with the clubs, I must admit I was initialy dissapointed with the asthetic look of these clubs, and it put me off taking them seriously. I am also 75 years old and loss of strength is a given. I get a much higher ball flight therefor greater distance. Extremely accurate and b15 I could work the pint to fade or draw at will. However reivew going for the G graphites my experience is that I now only hit straight and never a thin shot as I had them fitted and have a bit of extra length on the shaft.


Sell Your Golf Clubs. Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating. Clubs in nice condition as described.

Ping G15 Irons

I did have trouble stopping where I wanted with my chips. I am gonna go out on a limb and say these are the best clubs I have ever hit. Any thoughts as between G15s versus R9 irons?

A real confidence building set of clubs, I was taking on shots I would not normally think of hitting. If you are looking for an iron in this market then pimg will certainly consider the G15 and it will be no surprises if they go on to surpass the success of their record rsview predecessor. I still want to demo a few drivers before deciding what to get. The sole of the club utilizes the same font as it has in the past. I am just wondering how much of a difference it will make.

Your review pictures have helped me determine which clubs appeal pnig me by looks. They are not bad looking clubs and like any clubs, keep them clean and they look good.

After playing 6 rounds with G15 irons, I can vouch these are ridiculously easy to hit straight and high.

Much more consistent now. My advice would be to make sure you go to a range to see the actual ball flight.

As Infocus asked, are the G10s the better choice because of the more effective groves? Great discussion on the G15 irons; but little mention of graphite shaft vs. Ratings out of 5: By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.


While it is true that most tour pros still hit forged, you can find many hitting cavity backs. Head erview head, the G15 are more forgiving than the G10 irons. I took the 7 and 5 irons from both sets.

Ping G15 Irons user reviews : 4 out of 5 – 12 reviews –

Ping has a reputation for producing irons that do the job, be it for pros like Lee Westwood or regular golfers like me. Tightest dispersion and consistent distance with the G — ended up ordering them and should have them in 2 weeks.

I have played with the Pings just once and a bucket on the driving range. Condition was much better than stated. The amount of forgiveness is amazing, especially for me who doesn’t always hits the sweet spots.

I went out yesterday and tried the g15s again but with graphite and went up to a stiff graphite because I have a quick transition and blue dot on the lie used to be a black dot and man I hit these even farther, I used to hit 6 iron for my shot now the 7 iron rwview it.

The spacing seems just about right on full swings.