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Simon Joinson was DPReview’s second general manager, during a time when the site underwent enormous changes, not least our relocation to the U. The Sfd provides the full complement of exposure modes, from fully automatic, to full manual control. Trending Price New. Several features in Fuji’s suite of Real Photo Technology are helpful, including i-Flash which is designed to prevent blowing out a night scene with too much flash. Canon patent details schematics for a possible RF 90mm F2. Being able to take sharp photos in a cave without having to use the flash on a consumer-level camera is pretty amazing. If you’re looking for a fast professional camera, this is definitely an area where you would want to turn to a digital SLR.

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While I ginepix expect much color or contrast with Fuji Sfd under these conditions, the images I got were excellent. Alas, it does not have either — but it’s still a very capable camera, and one which I can recommend easily. It also has numerous scene modes, and Fuji’s now famous natural light mode. The Sfd known s60000 the Sfd in Europe also has a different lens to its recent predecessors, sporting what appears finepiz be the same mm equivalent This lets the camera choose the correct light sensitivity and best-matching shutter speed automatically, for the highest quality digital pictures.

Any electronics purchase ends up being a compromise. The lens is threaded for 58 mm filters and accessories. This camera is an excellent buy for the price. November 5, Updated: Though you might do a double take, this camera is a digital SLR in style only.


And with that, here’s the full list:. Originally announced in July, but only just making its way onto the shelves in time for Christmas, the Fineepix is the latest in a long line of keenly-priced big zoom ‘bridge cameras’ from Fujifilm that can trace its roots back to ‘s FinePix Zoom. The Final 3 mode captures the last 3 images taken before releasing the shutter button — again at 2.

You can also use manual focus on the camera by using the manual focus ring on the lens. All other controls are located on the right side of the camera body, fjnepix well within reach of your thumb or forefinger.

Fujifilm Finepix S6000fd / S6500fd Review

There’s nothing to see on this side of the camera, though it’s worth mentioning s600 the lens is at the full telephoto position here. Select from sport, night, fireworks, sunset, snow, beach, museum, party, flower, and text.

On the Fuji Sfd Face Detection can track up to ten faces in a photo simultaneously, automatically adjusting focus and exposure to improve results. In the flash shot, the flowers are totally washed out and unnatural-looking. You’re basically trading noise for mush when you use FinePix Studio, so if you have Photoshop, you’ll want to use it for RAW processing. Fujifilm’s one of the few camera manufacturers to still offer easy access to a black and white capture setting — also available by hitting the F-Mode menu button — which helped me get classic looking shots of the front grille of an old car.

The one stumble I had with this zoom control — which I generally appreciated — is that it’s easy to mistake the thinner manual focus ring on the barrel for the zoom. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.


You may want to try manually adjusting the ISO fknepix, shooting in RAW mode, or both, to get the most out of the camera in natural light. The S has a pretty ordinary menu system. This one is taken in my studio under two W quartz lamps, and you can compare it to other cameras I’ve reviewed. Dec 28, 95 mobile.

Fujifilm Sfd Review

The focus system on the camera is also quite capable. Basic Specifications Full model name: With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line Bundles that include this product. Therefore, you’ll want to buy a memory card right away. Step one to getting a better photo is to shoot in RAW mode, which bypasses the in-camera noise reduction.

That’s because when you use it to convert a RAW image to another format, it applies the same level of noise reduction to the image as the camera does — even if you’re saving to TIFF format. Since you operate the zoom with your own hands, you can zoom all you want while recording a movie clip.

In addition, you can copy photos from the internal memory to an xD card and vice versa.