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So I ran the clean, which then gave me a worse result than the first time. I thought I found a cheap ink place, but this one is even better. So now I just have to wait and be printerless until they are convinced that even my cx is a piece of crap too. Perhaps others have been successful. I immediately had the feeling I should have lied about the date I purchased it because I doubt they would want proof. I gave the entire unit to my buddy and will call a priest for an excorism of the garage just in case. After working through a very reluctant converstation with tech support and their “customer loyalty department”, they finally offered to fix the printer for free.

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I’m also having some trouble with this printer It prints Pink in every color when it prints and other times it just doesn spson print.

Just to flog a dead horse, I emailed Epson anyways much cheaper! The nozzle prniter embedded somewhere in the machine and cannot be accessed for cleaning although I might try after I rip this latest one apart. The last piece of waste tubing was “stopped-up solid” at the very end where the “ink dumps out” on the unit bottom and is “soaked-up”. Epson needs to get their act together eh?

Epson CX | FixYourOwnPrinter

Haven’t had to install one yet. The main reason that I like the Epson printers is because I prefer the Epson software – which is relatively small, easy to install, and for me has been absolutely error free. It has a new ink type. Maybe they will cut me some slack. Computer-enabled scanning is available in three different modes, with the more advanced settings letting you optimize colors and scan oversized documents, for example.


It goes through as a normal print and the printer “believes” it is printing, but it doesn’t. The guy I spoke to at Epson claimed it printef NOT a known issue, but then also claimed my printer would never print again and apparantly a new one is to arrive to me in a couple days But as you may see in many of printwr posts in this forum, given a short amout of time, the thing just craps out!

Epson CX4600

You can find details from a little searching around this site. Various emails to Epson produced no helpful advice other than ptinter my time and lots of ink. Maybe the other manufacturers have their faults also, but hopefully, out there somewhere, is a manufacturer who actually cares about keeping satisfied customers.

I stayed with her on the line, telling her it worked okay for over a year, I liked Epson until now, I’ll have to buy other brand, blah blah blah. They sent shipping label and I got a brand new CX 1.


Anybody want to two pieces of crap and their ink??!!?? FYOP sells an Epson cleaning flush but if you are willing to take a chance, that’s where to find the sponge.

Following the procedures in the manual, and going to the Epson website I’m informed that a part has failed. Had to “tear the unit down to bare bottom” to reach this tubing. It is total junk. Well after reading all of the tips on this site,I may have solved my problem If we use the “combine ink” option, it still does not work clearly.

I have owned 2 other epsons in the past. Best Printers for Also, how’s that working for you? So I ran the clean, which then gave me a worse result than the first time. Thanks to everybody that posted instructions on this thread. In order to keep heads clean you must use them and clean them which eats up ink.

Lucky me, mine stopped printing one month before the warranty ran out. I just got off the phone with Epson. Had to put in 3 print heads, but that thing would always work.