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To sum it up, I would say that the Windows does not output signal on the mentioned sample rates to the card, if it could be said that way I also get “Failed to play test tone” error like the other users in this thread and I can say that my problem is exactly like others here. What a crappy reply to a support ticket. Response was something like, “sent for testing”. Still a shame that having paid for Win7 expecting it to work well, was simply too optimistic, Microsoft forget the Kitchen sink, Get the OS to be reliable! Wednesday, October 7, 4: I should add that something similar happened when I upgraded to Vista. No, create an account now.

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I e-mi a E-mu PCI soundcard aside from the built-in reltek. The EMU drivers I’m using are: Hi Everyone, I have all the same problems too.

Opening up with 2 strips is also a default. But I cannot get even the most rudimentary functions to work!

Creative Worldwide Support > E-MU PCIe

Right now it looks like I have everything set up and installed correctly. First of all Winows always had this problem drivers!!!!!!!!!! I have mentioned this to E-MU. Tuesday, January 5, 6: The reason, multiple people with multiple sound cards are having the same issue. Rebuilt everything and it seems much better – there’s still some 32bit software that doesn’t integrate with EMUbut it seems stable now.


Now although the 64 bits vista drivers from EMU installed correctly, I can’t get my front panel to light up at all! What ever I save a project in as far as samples, That is how Patch mix will open. Wave Out in DVBviewer and so on or else. So, it is perfectly safe to install these drivers on your computer.

You will find that many of us here favor the use of Adobe Audition or Cool Edit, which is the precursor of this software.

Recording with e-mu 0404 usb (windows xp)

I have also used it on the many builds of Insider Previews od Windows 10 like beta tester for almost a year. I suppose I should add myself to the list.

Not reproduced on build and on Win8. Here is what I found: I strongly recommend to take a moment and go through the steps that’s been given by richarddurand and I promise you that it will work like a magic!

I have emailed EMU, the details and reply are below. Go do e-mu website download the vista drivers and install Step 2: I am using the analog output, haven’t yet tested the optical and the others. If you have experienced a fault in any audio application, you should reboot Windows before applying this update.


I rolled back to Vista x64 back in August because I desperately had to use this card for audio recording, but was forced to upgrade to Windows 7 x64 widnows this month for other reasons.

I was on 8.

Years ago there was this sound dropout problem and it was was found to windoes caused by the PCI video card hogging the buss. I spend a lot of time broking my head about this problem.

windows 7 and emu pci soundcard

E-MU on their site: Nit picking over comments I hade made, I didnt bother replying to clearly some Jumped up Technition. Tuesday, November 3, I will be buying a hard drive dedicated to recording.

Anyways, my new sound card is no longer a problem but the E-MU doesn’t want to work. Since this problem began I have changed ALL my hardware for other reasons and the same problem exists. I have the e-mu sound card and I am using windows 7. English Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese.