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Due to recent technology they can make shafts lighter club heads lighter so they make shafts longer, to maximize distance. I was really pissed to know that I passed up this club for years before succumbing to the Titleist fan club. To me it feels like a lot more “springy” face and the forgiveness is awesome. ZL is multi-material construction with a carbon fiber crown and titanium face. I think the new technology is better at covering misses than the older clubs are though. Can’t wait to golf in Hawaii come March!!!

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The look at address is so clean.

GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. Down my toe line. My driver is now a model burner Superfastwon’t be changing it anytime soon The SmartPad allows the face to sit square at address, regardless of loft setting. Register a new account. It turned two full turns and torqued down.

Cobra Amp vs ZL Encore – Equipment – GolfWRX

Register a new account. Hope it’s okay to torque the wt down. Go to show fs important trying everything really is. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.


March 2, Last active: Posted June 29, cogra Sign In Sign Up. In regards to length with the Motore f1 I picked up about 20 yards on my 2. I really believe Cobra has something going with their faces as my buddy has an Amp and absolutely bombs it compared to his previous drivers.

Cobra Amp Cell & ZL Encore

All times are GMT If the Encore had produced some considerably better numbers I would’ve jumped all over it, I think the black and neon yellow looks good with the carbon. Add the stock fairy fart shaft and it gets worse — Tapatalk2. I think as far as distance Its not much, Accuracy with a proper swing is roughly the same too.

I did not hit the ZL, sorry. It brought the spin down and he was hitting straight and long. Now that T and the crew have done both reivews ckbra the ZL Encore and the Amp I was curious as to what people thought of both and whether they prefer rncore over the other?

Put the wrench on the screw to check the torque that wasn’t it. I also feel that you are more able to shape apm owing to the “gear” effect. In Cobra stepped up the product line with not only more adjustability, but also more versatility.


Kinda like a mild cracked bat sound.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Due to the reduced length it loses about 20 yards but it is almost impossible to miss a fairway with it so I have used it on tighter courses.

Cobra Amp vs ZL Encore

Ended up with the ZL black 9. To find out more about the entire Cobra line: Mine is so muted my buddies think it sounds like hitting a wooden bat due to the composite and stock hot melt inside. Probably because the zl is an awful driver.

Overall very happy as I just never loved either the 2. Cobra S ProD with matrix shaft stiff. Another great new feature is the new sole design featuring SmartPad technology. Immediately high soft draws jumped off the.