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If you try to print a document and nothing comes out then you have a problem with the BLACK ink or the head or the purge unit. I tried refilling the tank, washing the print heads, swapping the refilled tank for a brand new one with the same results: Thanks for the tip! Would it be cheaper to just buy another printer though I love this one and use it for everything-photos, copying, faxing as well as printing for my small home business. For a time, the printer was no printing yellow properly.

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Black Ink Version of the Canon Pixma MP530?

Peripherals forum About This Canoon CNET’s Forum on peripherals is the best source for finding help, troubleshooting, and getting buying advice from a community of experts. So now when that ink cart runs out of ink, or if the head gets clogged, canin dirty, it will stop printing again, This seems a good thread to begin as have a Canon MP experiencing the same as many of you — no black — color ok.

I think you are correct in what you have tested so far. I’ve done the nozzle check, cleaning and deep cleaning, and the resultant nozzle check print out does not print any o f the PGBK test strip while the color strips are fine. Any help with this would be appreciated.

The manual pm530 lacking in other ways, but in this way it’s very good. I am sending you this short email and when you reply to it with your printer model number and a description of the problem I will be able to send you the instructions you need to clean your printer.


It’s bigger than I thought and I had to rearrange my meager home office space to fit it in, but not only was it worth it for the printer, I don’t know why I didn’t arrange the space like this in the first place!

Replaced the cartridge with a Canon cartridge – still nothing. I take care of it for her. You should get ink immediately. What is interesting is i actually have two of these machines exhibiting problems that may stem from the purge drain tubes.

After many attempts at cleaning the printhead I was ready to start more invasive troubleshooting but came across this thread and thought I should get a little more info from Trigger before continuing.

FYI for those on this thread – the information Trigger provided to help diagnose and fix the blocked black on my Canon MP was excellent.

Black Ink Version of the Canon Pixma MP? – Forums – CNET

Any help for me Trigger? There is no mechanism on this web site to embed files and there are no links. This is unbelievable,after viewing all these complaints regarding this common pgbk black ink problem with hlack printers, you would assume canon would get the message by now or maybe they turn up a deaf ear.

I have tried cleaning the heads and running cleaning cycles both standard and deep cleaning to no avail. Thanks for your help Rivka – Rivkabf.


Canon MP530 won’t print black

I sent it again and no answer. OK I have sent you the email. The fractures always occur because of the “Cycles of Heating and Cooling. Once I get that I can send the instructions. Trigger if you are still offering advice and instruction on Bblack ‘s with black print problems, I would be most grateful. The purpose of the purge unit is really not to purge anything, but to “Prime” then head with cwnon. I would greatly appreciate getting the info from you as well Trigger.

My question is,is the problem caused by black pigment ink or re-mf’d. However it would not print no colors at all. Hello all, my mp finally died. Was working fine using Cartridge World ink. My printer decided not to print the barcode of a boarding pass the other day, but printed all the rest of the page. Let’s hope it is nothing more than a clogged black section of the head and nothing more.

I would appreciate if you can send me the instructions on how can I check my purge unit. I will send you the email. Can I assume they are beneath inside the print head and can be accessed after removing the two visible screws on the base of the print head?