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Year of fee payment: Returns the regional coordinate system X and Y origin of the region addressed in packet words three and four, respectively. While each of the various regions are grouped for completeness, Region 9 through Region 12 – are grouped together Region Group 3 specifically in order to benefit from the use of region group addresses in executing their Interface commands. A method for a system including a computer connected to a digitizer adapted to work with a pointer, the method implemented by a microproessor located in the digitizer or another digitizer or a digitizer interface located outside of the computer, comprising:. This gate will issue a logic-low signal if either SA 6 or SA 7 is a logic-high signal. Information transmitted to the host computer is encapsulated in a specific format comprising multiple characters of data which are grouped into the button information and coordinates.

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Initializing the Interface involves allocating initial memory data structures, examining the results of the POST and transmitting these results to the host processor. This means, for example, that before a macro can be replayed it must be opened and ended.

Each area responds to commands directed to a particular tablet and generates event packets using tablet addresses for which which they have been assigned see Interface Description: Again, it should be noted that the tablet layer provides true device virtualization since Interface commands and their operation are directed at the tablet layer which translates device coordinates into the tablet coordinate system defined at time of execution.

Unused input pins of the octal-latch are tied to circuit ground thus always presenting logic-low signals to the host processor when read.

The packets will originate from the actual digitizer device clacomp, will be found to lie within Region 0 boundaries on the tablet coordinate system, and will be scaled and translated to the regional coordinate system. The BIU consists of one 8-input positive-NAND gatethree 2-input positive-AND gates with open-collector outputs -four hex inverters -two 2-input positive-OR gates -four 2-input positive-NOR valcomp -resistor and jumpers – Each region permits the specification of individual coordinate systems or stored sequences of commands.

The packet size for event packets is dependent on whether coordinates are present and can comprise either two or four words. E VENTS Event commands govern the types of user-actions which trigger an event calfomp a given region and are applicable only at the region layer. It consists of four octal calcop flip-flops -one octal D-type transparent latchcaalcomp octal D-type flip-flop with cleartwo D-type positive-edge triggered flip-flops with preset and clear -eight 2-input positive-OR gates — and -and four 2-input positive-AND gates – Again, as in the scenario described for Region 3no event packets are generated, or in this case the Stored Procedure executed, due to movement of the cursor but only upon the release of button 1.


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Extra arguments to command packets are ignored while insufficient arguments result in packet rejection by the Interface. This queue is filled from the activation of Stored Procedures which in turn are selected by a valid event within a region for which a Stored Procedure has been defined. The principal object of the present invention is to provide a method of defining, manipulating and processing large numbers of template locations on a digitizer in a manner which significantly reduces host processor computation.

However, the preferred embodiment utilizes the nine-bit serial communications mode inherent in the microprocessor caocomp the circuit as described below utilizing the calcopm and architecture of the BITBUS Interconnect Serial Control Bus across an EIA calcopm communications link.

Changing the tablet resolution implicitly changes tablet extents. The method of claim 41 further comprising:.

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The microprocessor 38 is also capable of creating an active-low signal on this pin in order to provide asynchronous reset to other parts of the circuit. If the result of this test is zero, then the digitizer events do not correspond to any specified for the particular region and the event processing loop is terminated. Not present if the command does not take one or more arguments.

Background Art Digitizers are calccomp peripherals that translate a calcojp hand motion into digital coordinates suitable for use by a computer system.

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The hash-table is indexed by using the four most-significant-bits of the X and Y tablet coordinates which collectively narrow the field of search to 1 of possible areas of the tablet in which to begin. Translation of specific areas of the digitizing surface into template menu commands is accomplished easily without the intervention of the host processor. Opens a Stored Procedure for the region addressed.


The address is always contained in the second word of each packet regardless of packet type and is formatted as follows: A method, implemented by a microprocessor, for executing a control command received by a digitizer from a computer and directed to any one of a plurality of regions, the microprocessor being located in the digitizer or another digitizer or a digitizer interface located outside of the computer, comprising:.

By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy. This addressing scheme is analogous to a post office box address in which the tablet address refers to the post office and the region address to the particular box.

If such procedure recording is enabled, the command and its arguments are copied to the currently defined Stored Procedure without execution and the CEU loop terminated. Not present if the command does not return one or more arguments or an error occurred. At the conclusion of the Epilog, it should be noted that the tablet layer caalcomp has been opened and initialized, thirteen regions and eight Stored Procedures have been created, region masks are set, and regions are enabled before the tablet layer is finally enabled.

Event packets are only generated from within regions and therefore the region address is always valid. The device layer 6 represents the physical device or digitizer whose calcokp are established at the time of manufacture. Since the event mask for Region 0 specifies any button event or coordinate change as a valid event, event packets originating from this region will consist of four packet words thereby providing the host system with a location for the system display cursor or which one or more button events occurred.