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I’m “Plantje” over there. The UMPC had arrived Mine is Mhz. I can ask this on other forums, but all I see is a lot of people reading the thread and nobody responding to it. Rudi May 15, at

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Thanks a lot for the support you are providing to us, it is really appreciated. I only had a couple of problems with Windows 7 itself, the touchscreen sides issue and that I couldn’t get a system rating the whole asux hung when it reached the Windows Media Decoder Performance stage and one with applications, where I couldn’t install Adobe Reader zsus didn’t do anything past the extraction phase.

I’m really excited about this thing!

Discussion in ‘ Other Brands ‘ started by excaliburSep 14, Just wondering if the the taskbar color may not be controlled by some setting in the. Rebooting will fix the problem.

ASUS R2H Notebook Drivers Download for Windows 7, , 10 & XP

Further I was wondering if anybody has found the time already to “play” a little bit with the 3D Open GL settings. I belive the GPS works off the COM2 port, see if that is installed in there and you haven’t disabled that or anything. Of course I already reported the problem: Alireza, Re your points This while I set the power plan to never shut down.


I have tried tweakvista, regedit. Rudi Hendrix January 23, at 5: Assuming that starting Live Messenger with the VGA drivers installed will immediately kill the machine. Good one, keep us posted!

Rudi and others See the new post – reducing the video display hardware acceleration fixes the WLM freeze, and might as well fix the resume from sleep problem. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. T2h to home page Return to top.

No problem, Ala, hth. It is just a mobile device. As slow as in XP, but it works – expand the antena and make sure you get good visibility, not behind any walls and stuff.

Rudi Hendrix March 17, at 2: There’s also a View log button.

Dan Dar3 May 10, at 1: So I’m afraid I’ll have to do a reinstall as well: Rudi Hendrix January 23, at 9: At the moment my computer seems to get stuck on the rate and improve computer’s performance wizard.


The RF electronic imaging mechanism reads the fingerprint wun7 from the live layer of skin that lies just beneath the skin’s dry outer surface layer.

I’m hoping it will be updated and Windows 7 will be improved for the R2H as well! Dan Dar3 January 23, at 1: Rudi, Did you find any further information around WLM?

Asus R2h & Windows 8

Also might be worth using TcpView from Sysinternals, maybe have a look at the status of those connections when it disconnects. Also might want to try the website in compatibility mode. I’m not a big fan of the bigger resolutions on the R2H anyhow as it’s making me sea-sick.

Dan Dar3 January 24, at Awus I don’t need the 15GB I can always play around with the free space.