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ROM renamed to “PE. Open the downloaded file. This is neccessary if you want the Fn buttons and Super Hybrid Engine to work. Find More Posts by elliott If you need to reset your password, click here. Now for my first experience with Ubuntu!

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Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Again, corresponds to the model.

Notice lack of space between switch and value. You may notice cursor glitches and performance problems with your integrated video and Windows 7.

Download Asus Eee PC HA Netbook ACPI Driver for Windows XP

To determine the best version for your scenario, check successfull combinations below: When you enable Bluetooth Win 7 will automatically install the drivers for Bluetooth. Try to press F9, it should present you a boot menu, then you can choose usb. ROM but rather H. Installed it and my unknown device is gone!

I can’t remember the exact wording, but on the Boot screen there’s another option to select which drive is to be first. The BIOS update program looks for a file named ” Sucessfully updated bios from version to version Here eewpc a demo video about how to use Bupdater.


Page 1 of 2. Updated successfully from to using FreeDOS 1.

Upgrading the BIOS (Firmware) of your Eee

Sorry about the resurrect but these netbooks ssus flash drives as HDDs so in order to change the boot in bios you need to change it in the HDD section. Having a problem logging in? I started again using the flash drive, holding ESC to get to the boot loader screen and choose the USB drive to boot from.

The eeeppc did not boot into the new installed Ubuntu. The following instructions are tested on some EeePC models. Waited 3 minutes or so.

If the updater gets stuck while reading the firmware update file you should try to format the whole USB key as FAT16 without partitioning it, using e.

Windows 7 on EeePC 900A

Am having the same problem — need the special ACPI driver — on searching, there used to be a doctored on that worked, but the link no eeepc works. When I tried to use FreeDOS and afudos, a thought acpii into my head that maybe the current filesystem of the flash stick is suitable for the flash utility and it was true.


One enters the bios setup by pressing F2 during the boot. Hope this may help out someone.

Updated successfully to using FreeDOS 1. Hello I have trouble making the same install here.

Press F10 to save changes and proceed to normal boot. Without it, everything is fine except I get a pop up accpi audio driver every time I boot up, which apparently is due to incompatibility of the original ACPI driver with Windows 7. EXE from the following website.

Find More Posts by thom-ecliptic. I used this method.

This method will work with pretty much any USB-stick, although it involves using non-free software: Wait patiently for it to finish. Note that the upgrade will reset the bios settings there are a just a few, anyway. But how can I get it installed on the HD now?