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Intel Core iK – 3. This item may or may not be in original packaging. Skip to main content. I was upgrading my athlon dual core on the cheap. Although they have only two cores to the Phenom’s four, those two cores run at 3GHz and 3. Whether it is for pleasure or for work, this processor has the power to perform and bring you an enjoyable experience.

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AMD Phenom X4 9750 (2.4GHz)

Even under full load it never reaches 50 so two super low speed quiet fans are barely required. On a more serio Intel Core i Coffee Lake 2. Aside from the silicon rev and the TLB fix, the two products are essentially the same: B3 Phenom X3 2.

Intel Core i5 i Hexa-core 6 Core 3. CPUs Previous page Next page.

PassMark – AMD Phenom Quad-Core – Price performance comparison

Yep, these are the phenim triple-core variants of the Phenom we’ve expected for some time; they’re official now, but only for large PC makers known as original equipment manufacturers OEMs. Skip to main content. This puppy comes with a 2. The Q runs at 2.

AMD Phenom 9750 Quad-Core

Great Upgrade to my Mother’s old E-Machines computer! Ratings and Reviews Write a review. But, as we’ve noted, the availability of these processors at online vendors is rather spottyand prices have risen where they are available.


If you have a chance to get one of these at a fair smd and you have a MOBO that needs one, grab it and smile all the way home with it. Since then, we’ve been waiting impatiently for these new chips to arrive while agitating for AMD to provide consumers with more information about whether and how they might disable the TLB workaround on existing Phenoms.

I have found that this combination of hardware is very well balanced. Here’s a look at the whole list, with vitals for each model. Amd weird limitations I only picked this up because its the highest speed quad cpu compatible with my board at 95w.

AMD Phenom X4 (GHz) Overview – CNET

Fortunately, today, the wait appears to be over. Phenom X4 Black Edition.

About this product Product Information The AMD Phenom X4 Processor is your key to increasing workplace efficiency as well as being an outstanding processor for gaming. Keeping tabs on the competition The new Phenoms have the fortune of making it to market just as Intel is struggling to meet demand for its new 45nm chips, which means the Phenoms face a slightly less lethal mix of competitors. Accordingly, AMD is announcing a whole new lineup of Phenom processors that should be available for purchase almost immediately.


The Pins have been repaired, and it may be a tight fit, but all pins are within tolerance. AMD Phenom, the procesor other processors want to be. As a result, they’re able to give the lower frequency Phenoms a run for their money, even in widely multithreaded applications. Coe combination of attributes should make the the one to have, in my view.

I can game, watch a DVD, and do my college school work simultaneously. Compile time of my largest project went from 48 sec to 34 sec. Most of you are aware by now of the problems with AMD’s quad-core Phenom processors. AMD Ryzen quaad X 3.

During our coverage of the unfolding TLB erratum story, AMD told us it planned to deliver a new revision of its quad-core silicon in “mid-to-late Q1” of this year. The most intriguing product of the lot, however, is the Phenom X4 Black Edition.

Intel Core iK – 3.