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You can check this option to clear the files when the unreserved space of your hard disk is filled. Page 42 Day and Time options Smart Recording: Restore the factory default settings of the camera. Why does the camera work locally but not externally? Click Save, and then click the Configuration button to return to View Window. Then, build the Zone window s using your mouse to setup the detecting area s.

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When multiple cameras wl5-460cam, this option allows the system to display these views as the main view in circles according to your time settings.

Click the Configuration button Configuration. Basic Setup Basic Network The first step is to configure networking settings of the camera.

It needs to be equipped with a weatherproof case to be used outdoors and it is not recommended. Use this option to determine the type of wireless communication for the camera. Step 7 Click Finish to complete the installation. The idle time must be larger than 0.

Page 22 Video Show Area — allows you to view the image from the camera. Utility It is a program that performs a specific task.

Airlive WLCAM Manuals

Introduction With comprehensive applications supported, the Internet camera is your best solution for remote monitor, high quality, and high performance video images. To correct the possible problem, you need to first disconnect the camera from the network.


The main screen will appear as below: If the problem is not solved the camera airlivve be faulty. Play Button Play the recorded video file in the computer. You can click Refresh to re-search the available networks.

The possible cause might be the IP Address for the camera is already being used by another device.

View Mode Buttons Select the view mode from these buttons. Click Browse to find the firmware file, and then click Update. The higher setting can obtain better quality; however, it will use more resource within your network.

Page 74 Recording Video IPView Pro allows you to record the video clip and save it in your computer through the following methods: Configuration Click to enter the System Configuration.

Step 6 The InstallShield Wizard starts to install the software, and the progress bar indicates the installation is proceeding. Click Browse to point to the firmware file saved in your computer, and then click Upload. Location Setting Wl-5460caam the Location Setting item of the Video submenu to bring up the following page, which allows you to setup the video control settings of the camera.

Basic J Camera Name The second step is to setup a descriptive name for the camera. To iarlive one wireless network, scroll up and down in the list and highlight the desired network, and click the Connect button. You can setup bit rate of the image by selecting Kbps or Mbps.


Air Live WL-5460CAM Manuals

Adjust the light frequency to suit your area of operation from the options either 50 Hz or 60 Hz default. Please try to enter the correct username and password again, or contact your network administrator. Motion Detection Click the Motion Detection item of the Video submenu to bring up the following page, which allows you to setup the motion detection settings of the camera. Restore the factory default settings of the camera. Advanced J Timezone The Timezone submenu displays the current time setting of the camera.

Page 21 Show Area, and Control Buttons. Step 3 Read and accept the License Agreement; then, click Yes. A likely issue is that the CMOS sensor becomes overloaded when the light source is too bright such as direct exposure to sunlight or halogen light.

Video Recording Play button on the panel, and the following dialog screen will appear, allowing you to select the file to playback.