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By using the master, you can connect to another unit through the first unit, which can then connect to another unit, and so forth. The biggest surprise of this test for me was how little the range was increased using the 9 dBi over the stock antenna. This enables advanced functions not possible on other Bluetooth devices, like MAC spoofing and direct low-level access to the baseband radio. Aluminium case for reduced interferrence and increased sensitivity. Receive data from Bluetooth enabled sensors in a warehouse or factory hall with one receiver. It is assumed that any attacker would have to be so close to you that it would make any serious attack impractical. Compatibility Works with all Bluetooth devices.

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Additionally we upped the number of connections supported at the same time to 15 BLE links, not just 2 or 5 allowing real world IoT support for your favorite devices or sensors. The AIRcable Industrial is an intelligent, autonomous device that can be programmed wirelessly for any application written in standard BASIC—with no code compiler required.

This means everything from simply scanning for discoverable devices to launching an active attack with something like Bluetooth Stack Smasher. I hope to document the setup and use of an experimental Aircabpe in the near future.


You can use it with: The device’s on-board file system allows you to run BASIC programs and store information gathered by its data-logging function. You can still walk around to the next room or in the yard without losing the connection Print range extender Print to a Bluetooth printer from your PC directly to the printer down the hall.


Once I lost signal I would switch to the next higher gain antenna, until I got to the directional parabolic. Greater roam range with Skype calls Make Skype calls with your Bluetooth headset.

This latest edition XR4. We do not provide Windows software. Another unique feature is its ability to manage up to four simultaneous connections, including: This could contain a coupon or an advertisement. Because the master can connect to another unit, data can be forwarded on to a central location.

By using the master, you can connect to another unit through the first unit, which can then connect to another unit, and so forth. What can you do with it? As I said, a number of things could have been done to push the range even farther.

AIRcable Audio XR | Wireless Cables Inc.

Such a setup was used by security researchers to successfully attack a standard cell phone from over 1 mile away, and the only hardware they had was a regular USB Bluetooth adapter modified with an external antenna lead. Best of all, the unit doesn’t have to be connected to another device for the file system airdable work. For example, data streaming in from a sensor connected to the serial port can be loaded directly to its file system. Other hardware features include: The AIRcable Industrial has: In my mind this is easily the best GPS software available on the Android platform, and is exceptionally useful for finding direction and range to an arbitrary target.

The slave, or incoming port, accepts connections.

I have bought a second Host XR specifically for this purpose, and will update this page if I find out anything useful. Imagine how much more effective and dangerous Bluetooth vulnerabilities are when the range is extended 5 or 10 times what the average user is expecting.


AIRcable Audio XR

The unit can be powered up through the RS interface. But with hardware like this, you can enumerate and attack even a moving target from a considerable distance. Since there two ports using SPP, both are able to send and receive data. It also features retail-friendly blister packaging, rather than the ZipLock Freezer bag that my XR was sent to me in.

Better alignment of the directional antenna would have been highly beneficial, and an elevated position would have significantly increased the range and made alignment easier as well. If you can get a cheap XR, go ahead and do it. Weather-proof versions are also available.

It should be said that maximum range with the directional parabolic antenna is likely higher than what is reported here, but at these distances keeping the target aligned becomes prohibitively difficult. This products is built for outdoor use where autonomous operation, flexible communication and long-range are important features. Our customers frequently report range aircablee m to a standard smartphone.

While technically any Bluetooth device would work, OpenProximity blocks anything but the Host XR line of devices as they are the only Bluetooth devices powerful enough to be useful for proximity marketing.