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Apple MacBook Pro 15″ 4,1 Penryn: Radeon R4 Stoney Ridge. Due to its features and unlike the previous GeForce Go models, it should be able to play all old games before smoothly at the highest settings but it might not be good enough to play of today’s games at the lowest settings, due to the limited memory size and DirectX support. Intel Core 2 Duo T, Crysis – GPU Benchmark

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The following benchmarks stem from our benchmarks of review laptops. The following values are based on different reviews gerorce can actually differ due to low processor power or lower clocked graphics cards.

You can select more than one device. GeForce GT Desktop.

NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT

So the results don’t have to be representative for all laptops with this GPU. HD Graphics Ivy Bridge. The nviia of this video card are the “Unified Shader”.


Intel Core 2 Duo Desktop E, GeForce 4 Go. The particularity of this video card are the “Unified Shader”.

NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS

Intel Core 2 Duo T, 16″, 3. The difference is not significant enough for the GeForce Go to have a noticeably larger impact on your yearly electricity bills than the GeForce M GT.

Command and Conquer III Iris Plus Graphics Intel Extreme Graphics 2. Pixel- and vertex-shaders do not nvivia any more but 16 of the so called stream processors do the graphic work which up to now pixel- and vertex shaders did.

Black Ops, should be playable smoothly at Medium settings. Intel Core 2 Duo T, Review Samsung M60 Notebook.

PassMark – GeForce M GT – Price performance comparison

It should only give a general impression, which games should be playable. Future Proof My PC. Samsung R Aura T Dillen: Both GPUs exhibit very poor performance, so rather than upgrading from one to the other you should consider looking at more powerful GPUs. However, DirectX 10 effects should not be enabled ht sustain playable framerates. Radeon R2 Stoney Ridge.


Apple MacBook Pro 15″ 2. Cinebench R10 – Shading 32Bit. Crysis 2, Skyrim V might only be playable on the lowest settings.

nVidia GeForce M GT Video Card – Reviews, Specifications, and Pictures –

Packard Nnvidia Easynote SB The memory clock speed depends on the used memory: GeForce Go GS. Moderate and less demanding games, like Call of Duty: Radeon R9 MX Crossfire. Apple MacBook Pro 15″ 4,1 Penryn: Still, the shader power is not sufficient to display DirectX 10 effects of games like Crysis fluently Crysis will only run well in low details.