Swedish soldier

swedish soldier

A Swedish soldier was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday by a mine that exploded under his armoured car. This brings the total number of Swedish soldiers. The Swedish Central Soldiers Register. From the time of King Gustaf I () the backbone of the Swedish army was the provincial regiments (landskapsregementen) with names like Västgöta ryttare, Dalregementet, etc. These regiments were recruited by the simple method that officers from the local regiment came to. Blogs. From the individual soldier to the government's senior representatives, read personal reflections about life in the Swedish Armed Forces in any of our blogs. (In Swedish). To our blogs.

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With our reading tool you can have pages read aloud through your speakers, from the top to the end, or selected parts. We are very grateful if you have any information about the soldiers, their families or the crofts to contribute. Then they divided the men into groups of 10, and in each group one man had to become soldier. Rötter Förening Rötters Vänner Anbytarforum. Köp och Sälj Här kan du köpa eller sälja vidare böcker och andra produkter som är släktforskaren till hjälp. swedish soldier Här kan du köpa eller sälja vidare böcker och andra produkter som är släktforskaren till hjälp. The database is not complete and new soldiers are registered continuously and new information is added about already register soldiers. Message could not be sent, swedish soldier try again later or send your message to webbredaktionen mil. This swedish soldier may contain information on his family, his service career, and perhaps an address to a descendant, as many researchers have sent in information on their ancestral soldiers. Körkortstillstånd bil Två av Sjötransportenhetens båtar. Tavlan du besöker just nu.


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